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Tips for Relocating to North Texas

February 22, 2019
Tips for Relocating to North Texas

Texas is a vast state, with numerous regions that each boast their own culture. North Texas is a sprawling metropolis that blends suburban living, urban convenience, and plenty of rural beauty all in one geographic region. Americans are increasingly pursuing their dreams in North Texas. Dallas is the fastest growing city in the United States, and for good reason: jobs are growing faster here than in any other city but Atlanta. Economic growth is at an impressive 4%. And the region’s diverse cultural scene has something to appeal to everyone, from country music devotees to sophisticated hipsters looking for the next big musical thing.

Whether you’re considering a move to North Texas or already have your move date, the following tips can help make the transition a positive one.

Get to Know the Area

North Texas is not a monolith. There are suburban enclaves filled with families, chain restaurants, and kid-friendly indoor activities centers. The heart of the city boasts a hopping nightlife, plenty of art museums, and a chance to see the next big musical act before they get famous. Travel a little ways out and you’ll hit North Texas’s rural treasures, including horse country.
To have a successful move, you need clear goals about what you want. Spend some time touring the area to get a feel for its different regions and neighborhoods. There’s no single right neighborhood for everyone, but a little knowledge gets you a lot closer to the perfect move.

Understand the Climate

Texas summers are hot. But that doesn’t mean you can get rid of your coat and spend all year in a coat. The winters are temperate, with rare snowfalls and occasional freezing temperatures. So you’ll enjoy more seasonal swings than you would in south Texas, or at the beach. Nevertheless, if you hate cold or love gardening, it’s hard to do better than North Texas. The growing season lasts about 10 months. With a little finesse, you may even be able to keep a garden year-round.

Find a Job First

Whether you’re just starting your career, embarking on a new business, or at the top of your company, there’s a lucrative opportunity for you in Dallas or North Texas. That doesn’t mean miracles happen here. Don’t assume you’ll immediately find a job just because you move here. If you can, find a job first. North Texas is a huge region, and living far away from work can mean a back-breaking commute. So get the job lined up, then construct the rest of your North Texas life around it.

Consider Joining a Local Organization

There’s no better way to meet people than joining a community organization. Whether it’s volunteering at the humane society, joining your homeowners association, or getting involved in a local church, you’ll find something if you’re willing to look. Online organizations can also be great, since you can join them before you move, and mine them for useful resources that can help you acclimate to life in North Texas.

Check Out the Schools

North Texas is home to some of the nation’s best schools. But don’t just rely on school rankings. They rarely tell the whole story. Other factors that matter are the specific programs the school offers, the quality of the teachers, and whether a particular school meshes well with your family’s cultural values. Spend some time researching local schools. Read their websites and Facebook pages, and spend some time on online review sites. Then visit the schools in person. There’s no substitute for seeing the schools yourself—especially if you are going to make your moving decisions based on school district quality.

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

Once you’ve found the right neighborhood, introduce yourself to your neighbors—ideally before you move. Introducing yourself ahead of time allows you to begin settling into your new community before you even move. Ask about a neighborhood list serv or Facebook page, so you can stay on top of neighborhood happenings. Then begin making plans with the new people who will soon be your friends.

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