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Stuck at Home? Check Out These Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities

April 22, 2020
Stuck at Home? Check Out These Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities

As one of Texas’s most sought-after planned developments, ArrowBrooke builds communities and homes our residents are proud of. Our meticulously designed sidewalks, a stunning amenity center, and a place to reconnect with nature. But of course, everyone wants to leave home from time to time–no matter how enticing a destination that home might be. With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down much of Texas and the world, ArrowBrooke residents appreciate spacious, efficient homes more than ever. There’s still lots you can do outside, even if you can’t leave. And don’t worry; the CDC says that it’s still safe to go outside, as long as you avoid others (as well as potentially contaminated surfaces they may have touched, like park benches).

Here are our top suggestions for kid-friendly outdoor activities.

Water Fun

Many parents have heard the old adage that “If a baby is crabby, put them in water.” That extends to big kids, too. Drag out the baby pool or water table, and let your kids go to town. Add a little more fun to the watery goodness by putting a few drops of food coloring in the pool and letting kids experiment with how mixing different colors produces new hues.


It’s never too early for kids to master a little biology through gardening. The littlest helpers will love digging for worms, while older kids can learn about photosynthesis, plant their own seeds, and enjoy the magic of watching life take root. Stir in a little art by getting a few ceramic pots and encouraging kids to paint them. Or find some old objects around the house that you can turn into planters. Teapots, old metal trucks and cars, and old dishes all work well. Simply drill a hole in the bottom and your plants will be happy. If little kids don’t want to let the bigger kids garden, try assigning them a separate task, like painting rocks.


Painting is a great way to play with texture, mix colors, and nurture the budding creativity of even the littlest people in your house. But it’s also tragically messy. If you can’t stomach the mess of painting, move it outside. Let the kids paint the driveway. Or move a big easel or a paint pad outside and let them go to town. Worried about paint-covered clothes? Put them in an old t-shirt or bathing suit.

Animal Tracking

You don’t have to go to a zoo to witness interesting animals. There’s high drama unfolding in your backyard every day if you’re willing to watch for it. Buy a few books about animal tracking, then try to find signs of your favorite animals in your backyard. For even more fun, make up stories about the everyday animals you see in your yard, or go on a family animal scavenger hunt, during which each family member tries to find the most birds, squirrels, or bugs.

Family Walks

You can safely go for family walks, especially if you maintain social distancing or consider wearing masks. Turn these walks into an adventure by doing something silly. Wear Halloween costumes or pretend to be animals. If that’s not your speed, try turning them into a treasure hunt. Hide some money or a toy in the neighborhood, then make a treasure map to help your kids find the loot. Just make sure there’s something for every member of the family to prevent fighting!

Whether it’s a global pandemic or just the blazing weather of Texas summers, we at ArrowBrooke think that staying at home can be its own sort of luxury. If you’re ready to see what makes our community so special, or hoping to upgrade to a new home, check out our available homes and learn more about our builders here.

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