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Spring Cleaning Guide

March 16, 2020
Spring Cleaning Guide

It’s getting lighter and brighter, and the earliest flowers of spring are already displaying their lovely blossoms. A fresh season means a chance to freshen up your home, too. At Arrowbrooke, our planned Texas community takes pride in offering stunning homes year-round. But a little sprucing up can do a lot of good. As schools and workplaces move to suspend classes and limit in-person meetings due to concerns about the coronavirus, you and your family might need to find a good way to pass the time anyway. So invest in spring cleaning. You’ll reduce exposure to germs and ensure your house is ready for company once the crisis passes. Here’s how to get your house sparkling, without a lot of effort.

Organize First

Before you can begin your deep cleaning, you need to clear the clutter. If you’re not sure of your organizational strategy, try just clearing space by putting everything in a big box or bag. Then take stock of what you have, what you intend to keep, and how you’d like to store it. Buy the right supplies, and then put it all away. You need a place for everything, or else you’ll just end up with another big mess.

Go Room by Room

Even if your house isn’t a disaster from being cooped up inside all winter, cleaning the whole place can feel daunting. So start slowly, with reasonable goals. Rather than dashing rapidly from spot to spot, go room by room–or even corner by corner. Start in the back corner of the bedroom and work your way out. This will give you lots of little successes to build on. You’ll get a clean room or two right away, which can reduce the pressure to rush as well as the frustration of slow work.

Pay Attention to Hidden Crevices

You probably wipe down your counters and other surfaces when they look dirty. What you might neglect are hidden areas like baseboards, corners, and doors. Pay careful attention to these parts of your house, and it will look sparklingly clean. What’s more, you won’t have the frustrating experience of noticing that stain on the door or baseboard when you don’t have time to tend to it.

Hide the Mess

There’s no shame in hiding when you can’t do it all at once. Consider hiding the messes you can’t get to. That pile of kids’ clothing or toys you haven’t sorted through? The old decorations you need to organize? Throw them in a bin and put them out of sight. Then tend to them when you have the time and mental energy.

Add Pretty Accents

You can make your house look like a whole new place by adding a few accents here and there and rejiggering your decor. Try the following:

  • Move furniture around in your living room for a fresh new look.
  • Invest in new linens for the master bedroom, and new decorative towels for the bathroom.
  • Invest in new curtains, new blinds, or new wall art.
  • Hang up some new family photos–or hire a photographer to take them.
  • Throw a few decorative pillows on the couch.
  • Put flower bouquets on all of your end tables. For longer lasting beauty, invest in a few houseplants or make your own succulent arrangements.
  • Frame some of your kids’ best artwork for their playroom or bedroom.
  • Invest in a new doormat.
  • Put area rugs in high traffic areas to contain the mess if you have pets.

Disinfect it All

In normal circumstances, you don’t need to routinely disinfect your house. But during the coronavirus scare, as well as during more routine cold and flu seasons, it makes sense to use bleach wipes to keep things clean. Wipe down countertops and door handles, as well as high-traffic surfaces like sink handles and toilets. You’ll reduce the spread of germs, and your house will smell cleaner.

At Arrowbrooke, we believe your home should look elegant and new every day. That’s why we offer flawlessly designed new homes, elegantly landscaped lawns, and thoughtful touches like efficient appliances, gorgeous countertops, and rooms that make good use of every inch of space. We’d love to welcome you to our community–or help you upgrade to a new home. To see our available choices, click here.

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