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Ready for Cold Weather? Here Are 5 Ways to Winterize Your Yard

November 24, 2020
Ready for Cold Weather? Here Are 5 Ways to Winterize Your Yard

The winter months in the master-planned community of ArrowBrooke, located in the north Texas community of Aubrey, are mild by most U.S. standards. During December, the temperature averages are 57 degrees (F) for a high and 33 degrees for a low. In January, it gets a little cooler with a temperature range of 53 to 30 degrees. And in February it starts to warm up a little with a range of 59 to 34.

It’s not tropical, but it’s not Green Bay, Wisconsin either!

This mild weather can certainly turn cold, even freezing and the residents of ArrowBrooke prepare for the worst. To help that planning process, here are five tips for getting a yard winterized.

#1 Drain irrigation systems 

The DIY network suggests that homeowners in north Texas properly drain and blow out automated irrigation systems to avoid damage from freezing and thawing. If there are questions about how this is done, a quick call to the company that installed the system is in order. Also, it’s a good idea to drain and coil hoses for winter storage in a non-freezing space such as a garage.

#2 Fertilize the lawn 

The DIY experts recommend that homeowners apply a winter fertilizer to cool season lawns to encourage thicker root growth. This should occur in November if possible. Warm-season lawns turn to amber shades after frost. If you want green all winter, overseed with ryegrass.

#3 Clean out gutters

Just as changing the batteries in smoke-detectors should be a part of changing the clocks for daylight savings time routine, late fall should be an annual reminder to keep gutters clear of fall leaves, twigs and acorns. Otherwise, accumulated debris keeps melting snow and ice from flowing freely, which can cause gutters to freeze. This can cause water damage to the home.

#4 Protect shrubs 

The best way to ensure the safety of those often expensive-to-replace shrubs is to Install burlap barriers around them. This is especially important for those shrubs that happen to be near road Burlap can help protect plants from salt damage.

#5 Apply oil spray. 

Insects don’t go into hibernation in the winter and they can wreak havoc on shrubs and trees. It is a good idea to treat shrubs and trees with a dormant horticultural oil spray to help control certain pests, including aphids, scale, and tent caterpillars. Dormant oil needs specific conditions for application. Be sure to read the label thoroughly to ensure you’re spraying within the right temperature window.

ArrowBrooke in the Winter

That wonderful aroma that you’ll likely smell when driving around the community of ArrowBrooke in the winter is that of cozy fires that the residents are enjoying. These neighborhoods and the people who live in them are charming any time of the year, but they are particularly inviting in the winter. Click here and see why your forever home may be waiting at ArrowBrooke.

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