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One-Story or Two-Story Home: How to Choose Which is Right for You

February 22, 2021
One-Story or Two-Story Home: How to Choose Which is Right for You

When you begin house hunting, one of the first things DFW homebuyers should decide on is whether they want a one-story or two-story home. There are plenty of pros and cons to both styles of home, including space and energy costs.

Check out ArrowBrooke’s list for deciding how to pick whether a one-story or two-story home is better for your needs.

One-Story Home Pros

Single-story living has plenty of perks for first-time buyers, families and empty nester couples alike.

Home maintenance is traditionally easier in a one-story home. With no stairs and extra rooms upstairs, you only have one level to focus your cleaning efforts. If you’re building a new home in DFW, single story homes can be simpler to design and sometimes less expensive than their two-story counterparts.

Consider your family’s lifestyle as well. If you’re a family with a baby or young child, single-story living is appealing since the master bedroom will be located on the same floor as the other bedrooms. Empty nester couples also love one-story homes since they are safer to navigate since they don’t have stairs, and there’s also less wasted space/empty rooms to manage.

One-Story Home Cons

Single-story homes typically have less space than a two-story home, so you may find that you have less privacy from the other rooms in the house. You may also desire building a home with a media room or game room, which is harder to find in a single-story home plan.

Two-Story Home Pros

If you’re a growing family or want more space for entertaining, a two-story home could be the right fit for you. ArrowBrooke’s builders offer two-story plans with options for game rooms, media rooms and additional living spaces on the second floor. There are often more design options for creating your perfect house when you build a two-story home.

Many families also choose two-story homes for increased privacy. Downstairs living spaces and bathrooms can be kept ready for guest use while having plenty of space upstairs that is just for the family or kids.

Two-Story Home Cons

It is costlier to heat and cool a two-story home than a one-story home. Stairs can also be a hazard for adults with mobility issues and young children. Or, if you’re a couple whose children have grown up and left home, you may just find you don’t utilize the space upstairs anymore.

We hope our list will help you determine if a one-story or two-story home is right for you during your search for a new home in DFW! ArrowBrooke’s renowned DFW builders offer plenty of one-story or two-story home designs for buyers to choose from, including plans with options for three-car garages and outdoor living spaces.

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