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Money-Saving Hacks for Your Home During Winter

December 8, 2016
Money-Saving Hacks for Your Home During Winter

Winter is upon us, and temperatures are dropping. Although winter is beautiful, it can also be a costly season. Cold temperatures and changing weather can inflate utility costs and damage homes if proper precautions aren’t carried out. So, here are a few tips on saving money through the cold months brought to you by our master-planned community, ArrowBrooke!

Reverse the Ceiling Fans

This is one of the simplest ways to save money. Hot air rises, and reversing the direction of your fans will circulate heat more efficiently. Reversed fans typically allow the thermostat to be set one or two degrees cooler, substantial savings in the long run! Every fan should have a small switch around the base that allows direction to be switched.

Caulk the Windows and Doors

Exterior caulk around frames is another simple way to keep the cold out. If the gap between caulk and a frame is more than the width of a nickel, it’s best to apply new caulk. Silicone caulk is the best product for the job as it resists the elements and doesn’t crack over time. A properly caulked frame will also prevent condensation on the inside of windows in the morning as well.

Clean the Gutters

Clean gutters are a must for winter weather. Gutters get clogged up in the fall when trees lose their leaves. Clogged gutters will back water up against the house and seriously damage roofing and siding. If the backed-up water freezes, it can cause the entire gutter installation to collapse!

Winter is one of the best times of the year for families. Make sure your family can enjoy every moment of the holidays by prepping your home for winter! ArrowBrooke is a master-planned community building beautiful homes near Frisco, TX. ArrowBrooke’s open spaces and resort-style amenities support families with an active living lifestyle. Explore our website and contact us today to learn more about living in ArrowBrooke.


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