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Is a Home Gym in Your Future? Read This First.

January 26, 2021
Is a Home Gym in Your Future? Read This First.

When the pandemic started in 2020, there was a renewed concern about health and wellness. Because gyms and workout facilities were often closed out of concern for spreading germs, many began exercising at home. As it turned out, more than a few of these “workout warriors” really liked the convenience and privacy of burning calories and building strength in their garage or spare bedroom. Plus, many began regular walking and running programs to build cardio health.

The trails meandering through the master-planned community of ArrowBrooke, located in north of DFW in Aubrey, with their lush landscaping and quiet solitude, offer residents an ideal path to fitness and peace of mind. There is also excellent cardio conditioning available from swimming laps in the community pool. Some have also decided to set up a dedicated workout space in their homes.

Benefits of a Home Workout

There are numerous advantages of setting up a home gym, not the least of which is the knowledge that a home gym is virus free and kept up to your own cleanliness standards. This is critical if residents have other health factors such as age and existing medical conditions. 

According to this recent article written by a personal trainer Dana Santas, there are other advantages of a home gym. These include:

  • Enjoying ease of access and time efficiency. With no travel time and no closing time associated with your home, it’s hard to make the common time-related excuses not to exercise. Plus, your training time can be more efficient as you don’t have to wait your turn for equipment.
  • Shifting your training perspective from a chore to a lifestyle. Because the gym is part of your home, training becomes part of your lifestyle rather than another to-do outside of the house. This creates a sense of ownership of your fitness, instilling it as a healthy lifestyle habit rather than an obligation.
  • Shedding insecurities and relishing quality time. Without having to feel self-conscious about others judging you during workouts in a public gym, your home gym time is of a higher quality, letting you focus entirely on you and your goals. And, if you have a spouse or family, training together can be a quality bonding experience.

How Much Space is Required?

Current track record with fitness programs along with future fitness goals suggest the space needed for a dedicated workout space. For those just starting out, a small space is all that is needed. This can be a corner of a family room, spare bedroom or a large closet.

Many who decide on building a home workout space forget about making that area a comfortable environment. This means having adequate lighting, heating and air conditioning, durable flooring and a sound system.

One fitness expert noted that starting slowly helps to make a workout part of a long-term lifestyle change and her space reflected this. “My commitment to training at home was an evolution that started small. In fact, several years ago, my ‘home gym’ was nothing more than a crate holding a kettlebell, two small dumbbells, a yoga mat, foam roller and a few mini tension bands.”

Equipment Needed

There is nothing sadder than a treadmill in a corner of a room with junk stacked on it! This is a huge waste of money (not to mention space). When choosing equipment for a home gym, it is best to start small and over time decide which type of program offers these best returns on time committed.

According to Cooper MItchell, editor of Garage Gym Reviews, “If you favor cardio overweight lifting, invest in a solid piece of cardio equipment, like a rower, indoor bike or elliptical — selecting the specific equipment based on the type of cardio you enjoy and propensity for regular use.”

Before tackling weight- lifting, Mitchell advised purchasing a quality barbell. “A good barbell may cost upward of $300 but that should ensure you’re getting a quality, made-in-America product with a lifetime warranty,” he said. “And, if you can afford it, spending your money on a decent entry-level squat rack is a great investment since they tend to retain their value and can be resold on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, if you ever change your mind or want to upgrade.”

See What Healthy Looks Like It’s never too late in life to begin a regular fitness program and begin enjoying a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, running, biking or working out at a home gym, having a stress-free neighborhood to come home to, like those in ArrowBrooke, can make a big difference in a quality of life. Come see what “

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