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Family Summer Olympic Game Ideas

August 18, 2016
Family Summer Olympic Game Ideas

With the Olympic Games in full swing, you and your family may have caught a case of the Olympic fever. Although the games generally run all day, some still can’t get enough. So, how can you get even more Olympics? Create your own!

In the master-planned community of ArrowBrooke, there will be plenty of open space to play games, stretch your legs, and enjoy the great outdoors!

Here are some tips to create your own Great Games:

Team Up

You’ll need at least four participants but the more, the merrier! This may take a little recruiting of your kid’s friends, cousins, and even neighbors. Then you’ll want to split off into teams of two.

Blind Croquet

Although croquet has not been an Olympic sport since 1900, this is a fun game that forces teammates to really work together. The teammate hitting the ball will be blindfolded, while the other team member gives specific directions on where to hit it.

The Reverse Crabwalk

Once again, only one member will be doing the competing. Set up a start and finish line and you are set to go. The reverse crab walk is similar to a “crab-walk” except instead of your stomach facing down it’s facing up towards the sky. It isn’t as easy as you would think! But fun nonetheless.

Cannon Ball Contest

This classic American past-time can be added to your Family Summer Olympics and be a great time. The rules are simple, who can make the biggest splash? Judges will rate between a 1-10 and whichever team has the highest score at the end, is the winner!

The Closing Ceremony

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics are some of the biggest celebrations in the world. Crown the champions and allow them to pick what’s for dinner, who has to do their chores, and what movie will be rented for the night!

The spirit of the Olympics will be easy to recreate in your backyard or on the open land in the ArrowBrooke master-planned community. These modern homes with open floor plans are some of the finest in North Texas! Visit our recently opened model homes today!

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