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Defend Yourself From Mosquitoes in Denton County This Summer

July 6, 2017
Defend Yourself From Mosquitoes in Denton County This Summer

Ground crews are spraying for mosquitoes in Denton County after a mosquito tested positive for West Nile Virus in a trap near Hackberry. According to Denton County, this is the fifth trap to net a West Nile Virus positive mosquito.

Currently, no humans have tested positive for West Nile Virus in Denton County. The county urges residents to be vigilant about protecting themselves and children from mosquito bites by following these guidelines before going outside:

Use Bug Spray

Defend yourself and children from the threat of mosquitoes by using an insect repellent that contains DEET, Picaridin or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. If you are also using sunscreen, apply the sunscreen first and allow it to absorb into the skin before applying bug spray.

Wear the Right Clothing

Wear long sleeved shirts and pants when you’re outside and be sure to spray insect repellent over clothes. Permethrin treated clothing can also help repel mosquitoes.

Avoid the Outdoors at Dusk and Dawn

Dusk and dawn are the times of day when mosquitoes are the most active. The best way to avoid mosquitoes is to stay inside.

Drain Standing Water

With all the rain we’ve received this summer, it’s important to double check your back and front yards for standing water. Clogged rain gutters, flower pots, uncovered boats, bird baths and even toys can collect water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

For more information about West Nile Virus and Denton County’s insect spray schedules, visit the county’s website.

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