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3 Ways Energy-efficient Construction Can Benefit You

February 3, 2017
3 Ways Energy-efficient Construction Can Benefit You

by Horizon Homes

Residential building materials and techniques have come a long way over the years. Today, cutting-edge construction processes are helping homes to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Meanwhile, incredible new appliances, HVAC systems and more are keeping costs low and helping homeowners save money year-round.

Energy-efficient construction stands to benefit everyone—from someone who is building their first home to the family who is renovating their existing one. By incorporating energy-saving materials, techniques and appliances, you stand to enjoy several key perks.

Lower Energy Bills

Of course, all homeowners would love to save on their monthly energy bills. Energy-efficient construction makes it a reality.

Tight, high-quality construction and optimal insulation help to protect a home’s interior from the external elements. Advanced argon vinyl windows keep heat and cold out, while radiant barrier roof decking reduces the amount of heat that gets transferred through your roof. As a result, your air conditioner runs less in the summer, and your heater gets more frequent breaks in the winter. Since HVAC often accounts for the majority of a home’s electricity bill, you’re already enjoying significant savings.

In addition, ENERGY STAR®-rated dishwashers, low-flow faucets and other energy-efficient appliances use less water, which lowers your water bill while helping to conserve resources. Meanwhile, ENERGY STAR® refrigerators, ovens and water heaters run more efficiently than their less advanced counterparts, which means they cost less and last longer.

Greater Comfort

While you and your family enjoy lower energy costs, you’ll also be a lot more comfortable in every room of your house. Tight construction improves your control over interior comfort and air quality. That’s because external leaks and drafts are eliminated, which keeps heat, cold and exterior pollutants at bay. Meanwhile, a quality mechanical ventilation system can more readily dilute indoor pollutants, such as cooking fumes.

Many newer HVAC systems include programmable thermostats, which allow you to customize your heating and cooling schedules so your home’s temperature is always just right. Today’s energy-efficient windows offer another fantastic benefit: Less external noise actually makes it into the home, so you hear fewer car horns, planes and other annoyances.


As you enjoy the comforts of your home over the years, it’s also nice to know that its quality construction and advanced appliances will one day make it more attractive to potential buyers. People will be drawn to a home that offers low energy bills and year-round comfort. And while certain aspects of the home will change over the years—such as paint colors and fixtures—there is no substitute for a house that is well constructed and will stand the test of time.


Horizon Homes at ArrowBrooke is committed to environmental responsibility, which is why we make energy efficiency a priority in every stage of our construction process. We are passionate about building homes with the latest energy-efficient features, materials and appliances. At our home office, we mirror that commitment by incorporating green ideas whenever possible.

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