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The 3 Factors to Consider for a “New Normal” Floor Plan

August 27, 2020
The 3 Factors to Consider for a “New Normal” Floor Plan

In a short amount of time, the entire world has changed dramatically. The need for “social distancing” has encouraged every family to rethink what they do every day, and this has resulted in a fundamental change in lifestyle. One big takeaway: Everyone – from couples, to young families to empty-nesters – are spending much more time at home.

It’s a “new normal” and it affects work, schooling, meal preparation, entertainment and all other aspects of living. More than ever before, the home has become “ground zero” for just about every aspect of life. The developers and builders of ArrowBrooke, located north of Dallas in Aubrey, Texas have always offered a wide variety of floor plans that can accommodate any size family and lifestyle. However, there is now renewed emphasis on offering many more options for homebuyers looking to make their homes work better for them.

The 3 Factors to Consider for a Floor Plan That Works for You

#1 Work and Study Spaces are at the Top of the List

Working from home and distance-learning for children have affected floor plan priorities for everyone, especially young families. The builders of ArrowBrooke have many options for turning a study or guest bedroom into functional, quiet work and study spaces. The quality building materials in every home offer an acoustic benefit of noise reduction. This comes in handy when a high-level zoom call is taking place in a home-office, which is down the hall from a fourth grade math lesson!

#2 Kitchens Have Become the New Great Room

Over the past few years, the kitchen has become a “central meeting room” for families of all sizes. With the new normal resulting from the pandemic, this trend has been supercharged! Everything from homework, family time, meal preparation and dining are all happening in the kitchen. The floor plans of homes in ArrowBrooke feature many options for layout, the latest appliances and lighting for every situation.

#3 Entertaining at Home is a High Priority

Whether it is in the form of an outdoor entertainment/cooking space, a high-tech media room or a cozy fireplace for chatting with neighbors, entertainment of friends and family is happening at home. As people realize just home much fun this can be, this trend will likely continue long after COVID. A floor plan that takes this “entertaining at home” trend into consideration is a high priority for every family. Fortunately, the builders in ArrowBrooke have developed myriad ways families can have fun at home!

ArrowBrooke Offers Great Options for Living

Although it is tucked away from the hustle and bustle, ArrowBrooke keeps residents within close proximity to everyday amenities – shopping, dining and entertainment venues. This charming community is great for working, entertaining and LIVING. Give us a shout and let us show you how.

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